Metal Scrap Recycling in Utah

MCR Recycling is a regional leader in scrap recycling. Since 1992, we've made every day a payday for countless satisfied clients! From aluminum cans to brass to electric motors—we can take it, and we'll pay you for it!

Competitive Payment for Scrap Metal

Turn your scrap into money! When you bring your scrap to MCR Recycling, we pay competitive market prices for recyclables you might otherwise think were junk. Whether you're an individual with a box of aluminum cans or a factory with excess metal scrap—we have a service that will suit you!
Pile Of Metal Shavings - Recycling in Orem, UT
Rusted Scrap Metal - Recycling in Orem, UT
Metal Cans Prepared For Recycling - Recycling in Orem, UT
Copper Wires in Gray Floor - Recycling in Orem, UT

Friendly and Knowledgeable Service

We pride ourselves on friendly and informative service. No matter the recycling question, our knowledgeable and dedicated staff is eager to help you understand the process and get paid for your scraps.
Call us today at 801-225-0001 to learn more about our scrap recycling services!